Monday, January 12, 2009

Wrestling Weekend!

For those of you that don’t know, my son, Bud, is a wrestler. He started wrestling when he was in 6th grade for his middle school and for a recreational youth club. He didn’t wrestle a single middle school match until his 8th grade year and then he went undefeated. But let me tell you, it wasn’t an easy road….. he joined a club where he practiced with state champions and got his butt kicked 3 or 4 days a week, trained under nationally known coaches at camps in Pennsylvania(a state known for it’s wrestling) for weeks in the summer, traveled far and wide to meet the toughest competition he could get. He took his first year of high school off because he didn’t weigh enough to wrestle the lowest weight class (103 pounds) but finally, this year, he is able to wrestle. The other kid on his team in the same weight class is a senior and state ranked, so Bud only wrestles sub-varsity (kind of like JV, but not really). Which, for him- and mom, at this point is just fine……

This past weekend was one of many more to come…. All about wrestling. Bud’s team was in a tournament with 20 other teams that went from 2pm -10pm on Friday and 10am – 9pm on Saturday. That’s a lot of wrestling!!! I love to see my son on the mat! When he wins there is no better feeling than when I see his face light up and his teammates cheer for him. But I gotta tell ya- There is just something not right about the “singlets” they wear. You know, the skimpy, too tight, piece of material that looks like it was painted on?? Who in the world came up with that “uniform?” I know, I’m a wrestling mom, and I should probably have an answer – but I just don’t. Wrestlers have to be the LEAST modest people on the face of the high school planet! They don’t care what shows, what it looks like when it shows, and who sees it. I’m a mom, I don’t really think about it that way because, well, I’m a mom- and I’m a wrestling mom. So I’ve been around a lot of wrestlers for a while now, but high school is a whole different beast. And there are LOTS of HIGH SCHOOL girls there! I just wonder what THEIR moms are thinking?? I keep telling my son…. Put some dang clothes on! Those girls don’t need to be looking at you that way! He’s a wrestler, and a guy and his response is “Huh?” I guess this will continue to be a question for which I have no answer. If anyone has an answer, please enlighten me!

Hope everyone else’s weekend was Wonderful!