Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Loser... as in the biggest

Last March a fellow co-worker started a "Biggest Loser" competition at my office. There were 26 participants all who contributed a monetary amount and the 3 with the highest % of weight loss at the end of 90 days declared the biggest losers "winners". I had found myself in a predicament prior to this competition with having to go up aanother size in clothes and thought, "Yep, that's for me!"
So I signed up.
I exercised.
I dieted.
And I exercised some more.
I. Would. Win.
It sucked!
Then after the first couple of weeks, I started to see results. The ounces pounds started coming off. We weighed in each week and posted the % results, and I stayed up near the top. It was exciting and motivating.
But I was still determined I. Would. Win.
So I exercised some more, and sweat like a pig a LOT.
When the final days came, I pushed myself and worked my butt off (literally) until I could see my name in the #1 slot!!
It was hard. But I WON!!!!
I lost a total of 25 pounds!!!
It was a life changing time.
I have dropped 3 sizes and am still eating right (most of the time), and still trying to exercise as often as I can....
Unless my toes vote against me. :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wedding Bells

Ahhh, I've missed you fellow internets... sorry for being MIA, but it's been quite a whirl wind here. As you know, CG started school (still not diggin' that, but I am better) and most recently we have been traveling for the most exciting event!!

Over Labor Day Weekend, the family and I traveled here:

Destin, Florida

Where we got to spend time with her:

But most importantly, we got to witness this!!!!

After 11 years together, my brother finally married the love of his life. Although she has been a part of the family for a long time, it was so awesome to see them finally "tie the knot." The wedding was beautiful, as was the bride. It was a super quick weekend, but what a great one it was.

Congrats Matt and Kate!

Love you !