Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Fragments

It's Friday! Thank Goodness. Even though this was a short week, I am fairly confident I could not manage another day at work. (Well I could if I have to, but it's a good thing I don't)

It's prom weekend for Cheerleader Girl. I'm very excited for her, as she seems to be extremely excited as well. Tomorrow starts early for hair and makeup appointments, all just for pictures. Why do they do that again? Her dress is gorgeous! I can't wait to see her all "dolled" up :)

WeThe Salesman are finishing the fence this weekend(thank you Thompson's water seal). He power washed it, and the back and front porches last weekend. Hope the rain holds out. It's an icky job.

I realized this week that all of the shows we typically record on our DVR have all ended for the season. I realized this because my DVR is only 4% full. That just sucked. And the only show with a half way good ending was 24. I will be really pissed off if Jack Bauer dies! We have started watching Harper's Island (thank goodness for OnDemand). It's really, really good.

I am super excited about the Kenny Chesney concert and 3 days at the beach with CG and Snow White (boo BHE! for not coming). June 24 can not get here fast enough.

I have seen a remarkable difference in the level of responsibilty shown by Bud since he got a job. Whooda thunk it? Should have made him start working years ago, but I think there is something about child labor laws? Dang it!

I realized at Girls weekend, that the mosquitos LOVE Sex on the Beach. (It's a drink just in case you were wondering why I was having sex on the beach at "girls" weekend).

Have a great weekend all!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Are you high maintenance?

I was recently told I was a "High Maintenance Woman," by the Salesman (who said it with the utmost adoration of course). It doesn't bother me, because honestly I am a particularly picky controlling woman who just wants it her way knows what she wants. Does that really make me High Maintenance? I don't think so.

High Maintenace could be defined by some as needy, fussy, whiny (I do get kinda whiny sometimes), hard to please, not easily impressed (it doesn't take much for me to be impressed, really it doesn't) attention grabbing, difficult to deal with, troublesome, demanding, inconsiderate, and stuck on themselves. Only a couple of those actually apply to me ;)

After listening to the women in our office today complain about the infestion of velvet mites(which hang out on the bricks outside) in our 3rd floor office , which actually amounts to one on someone's desk, I realized I am not high maintenance AT ALL. They actually want our company to pay high dollar for an exterminator to come INSIDE to spray for OUTSIDE bugs on the THIRD floor, and they want to close the office when they do, because the insecticides will cause breathing problems. ARE YOU SERIOUS??? Do they watch the news?? 5+ million people out of work, and they want what?? These women around here are EXTREMELY high maintenance. They are the whinniest, pickiest, fussiest, uptight, bunch of complaining women ON THIS PLANET! Grrrrrr!!!

So hubby comes home tomorrow! YEA! It's about time, because I need him to do somethings for me, like spray for bugs.......

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I wish....

I wish I had something amazingly funny to tell you, but I don't.

I wish my husband was home from being with his father who just had surgery to remove a football size cancerous tumor from his leg.

I wish my father-in-law never had a football size cancerous tumor, or any tumor for that matter.

I wish I would have eaten my children when they were little (hahahaah just kidding)

I wish I lived somewhere where the temperature is always 75 degrees and the sun always shines and there was no humidity.

I wish I could talk to the bird on my windowsill and he would understand me (and the girl that sits outside my office didn't think I was crazy or weird for talking birdspeak).

I wish it were Saturday and I was at BHE's house with something cold and fruity in my hand.

I wish my friend would ditch cleaning her house tomorrow and come see Jason Aldean with me.

I wish I had a job that didn't actually require me to work. Maybe I should have applied for the Best Job in the World.

I wish I weighed now, what I weighed when I got married, but didn't have to diet or excise to weigh that.

Do any of you have any wishes?

Friday, May 15, 2009


So Mom x 2 has been MIA for the last few... uh weeks?? Wow where has the time gone? I'm sorry to all my bloggy friends. I hope you haven't abandoned me all together ;)

My computer crashed, no thanks to the trojan virus I had! I was not a happy camper and they were unable to save it soooooo hubby bought me a new one :) Isn't he the best.

There have been tons of other things going on, although at the moment I can't name a single one.

I'm hopefully back now and will do my very best to get back into the swing of things.