Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

Photo borrowed from here.

Friday, November 20, 2009


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Thursday, November 19, 2009


  • One more day until the weekend!
  • The weather is yucky here….. again.
  • I have another cold.
  • Probably because the weather is yucky….. again.
  • My kid’s high school football team continues their season this weekend with play off games. That means CG will be cheering…. Still.
  • I love high school football.
  • But not when I have a cold.
  • I hope it won’t be cold and yucky.
  • Wrestling season has started. I think I am happy about that. It’s still up for debate.
  • Bud finishes his behind the wheel portion of driver's ed on Saturday and will officially have his driver's license.
  • After CG’s accident, I am NOT happy about that and it has nothing to do with having a cold.
  • The insurance company has finally settled on CG’s car. Now we just have to replace it. That is not making anyone happy.
  • One more day until the weekend.

Thursday, November 12, 2009




Of my life!

Momx2: "What happened?"
Momx2: "WHAT!!!!OMG!!!! ARE YOU GUYS OK?!?!?!?!?!!?"
Bud: "Yes, her lip is bleeding and the car is kind of a mess, but I think we are ok"

Yesterday afternoon, the above conversation occured between my son and me shortly after his sister ran off the road and slammed her car into a tree. Due to the lovely nor'easter we have been having here, the roads are VERY wet, the yards are VERY muddy and the wind has been blowing VERY hard. As a result, driving has proven to be somewhat difficult. The road she was on is narrow and winding and not the most fun to drive on a dry, sunny day. Her right, front tire slipped of the side of the road, and she skidded in the mud only to come to a stop after the car collided with a tree.

I cannot begin to describe the fear that ripped through me, first when I got the dreaded call, and again when I rolled up on the scene of the accident. I had already called my parents, who live only a short (at the time probably very long) 5 minutes away and they arrived before I did. Fire, rescue and police were also there. There is nothing more scary then red and blue lights, knowing your children were somehow involved.

As I write this today, I am so very thankful! I am thankful that my children are both okay. Although it may sound strange, I am thankful my son was there to help my daughter deal with whatever was happening. He came through for her and was her rock until my parents arrived. Had she been alone I don't know how she would have handled it. I am thankful my parents live close and dropped everything to be there from my children when I called. I love them! I am thankful for the nice man, whose name noone got, stopped and tried to help them and stayed with them until the police arrived. I am thankful for the 911 operator who help keep CG calm so she could give him the information he needed. I am thankful for the officer who did not give her a ticket and was so unbelievably nice to my family. I am thankful that I received the call from my son, rather than the paramedics, or from an ER nurse.
But most of all, I am thankful that God was watching over my children yesterday. That He did not let anything serious happen to them and that they both walked away.
Hold your babies close, and don't take anything for granted.
It can all be gone in the blink of an eye.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank You.....


But fame is theirs - and future days

On pillar'd brass shall tell their praise;

Shall tell - when cold neglect is dead -

"These for their country fought and bled."

~Philip Freneau

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Last Friday Cheerleader Girl and I headed up to Longwood University. It is the first college of several in which she has/will apply. It is also the only one that has an “immediate decision” which essentially says, if you meet certain requirements, you apply, bring your transcripts, tour the school, and while touring, the admissions office reviews your application and by the time you get back they have their decision, but you don't have to commit until May. (Pretty sure that was a run on sentence, glad I didn’t have to write her essays). We knew going into this tour that CG far exceeded the requirements, and according to her college comp teacher her essays were “phenomenal,” but there is still a level of anxiety that is comparable to bungee jumping in Thailand. For me, not for her. Fortunately, all of my concerns were put to rest shortly after we returned to the admissions office……. Yep that’s right my friends that live in my computer

Congrats Cheerleader Girl!!!

Still don’t know if she will go, but it is one down……

I think I’ll go find that bungee cord now.
Let the wine gulping sipping begin.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Oyster Festival :)

I don't have pictures to post, I'll leave that to my fellow attendees, because well, I FORGOT my CAMERA, and my phone takes crappy pics.

I was unable to attend Friday's festivities, but on Saturday, The Salesman and I ventured over the bridge into the humongous teeny town of Urbanna for the
52nd Annual Urbanna Oyster Festival. It is such a quaint little place with 4 billion people. Well maybe not 4 billion, maybe it was only 2 billion, but who knew you could put so many people in one little town. Of course when you don't let cars in, it's a little easier I guess. Okay, Okay, maybe not 2 billion, but there were A LOT of people.

There was food GALORE! It was like going to the fair, but better! We had the best clam chowder I have ever eaten. And butterfly fries, and crabcakes, and roasted cashews and WINE! Yes, there was wine tasting. $10 got you a wine glass and an all day pass to the taste the wines of many of the Virginia wineries. We drank lots, and bought more! My favorite of the day was White Meteor from
White Fences Vineyard, in Irvington, VA. Hmmm, may just have to take a trip there, as soon as I find out where the heck Irvington, VA is ;) Oh and there were lots and lots of booths with people selling their wares. Everything from apple jelly to zebra print purses. Yes we spent money, what can I say.

The best part of the day was meeting up with
BHE, Mental P Mama, CBW and Bud, Noe Noe Girl, Little T (even if he did call me Atlee) and CW, all at BHE's dad's house for the parade. I missed the Fireman's Parade on Friday, and I can still hear, unlike the others but Saturday's parade was a site to see. The parade wrapped all around the town, literally! It ended where it started and in order to get to the start/finish, the leaders had to stop to let the end come around so they could complete the loop. (I'm pretty sure that statement doesn't make sense, but I know what I mean). There were shriners and antique cars, marching bands and Little Miss Spat, there was even a man dressed as an oyster. At BHE's dad's house there was good company and wine and laughs all around. They are the most fun group of people to be around! Never a dull moment for sure and I am sure glad I got to spend time with them.

I believe they all headed back to Ann Marie's for a fish fry, but The Salesman and I had to head on back to the 'ville. I always miss the good parts, and I am for sure sorry I missed this one and look forward to reading all about it.

I sure hope you all had as fun of a weekend as I did! Can't wait to see all of them again!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Since Cheerleader Girl's competition team placed 2nd at their district competition last week, they advance to the regional competition which takes place tonight. Its another "last" for us. Possibly the VERY last competition she will compete in - ever. Only the top 4 of 16 teams advance to the state competition and who knows how CG's team will do. They have all but one of their original team members back from inury or illness (thank you H1N1), so that is a good thing, and we are expecting big things from them tonight!!

However, I am pretty sure the stars are not aligned correctly or something, because weird things are happening with sports in our area this year. Teams that haven't ever placed are winning district competitions and matches. Teams that haven't had a winning record in a lot of years are ranked top 10 in the area. Its good for those teams.... I am happy for them, it's just weird. It also leaves things WIDE open, which makes me, Psycho Cheer Mom, wondering if the stars will be aligned correctly tonight.

I wish all of the teams Good Luck,
but most of all...
I wish my not-so-little girl the BEST OF LUCK!!!
Love you CG!!! Kick A$$!