Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Since Cheerleader Girl's competition team placed 2nd at their district competition last week, they advance to the regional competition which takes place tonight. Its another "last" for us. Possibly the VERY last competition she will compete in - ever. Only the top 4 of 16 teams advance to the state competition and who knows how CG's team will do. They have all but one of their original team members back from inury or illness (thank you H1N1), so that is a good thing, and we are expecting big things from them tonight!!

However, I am pretty sure the stars are not aligned correctly or something, because weird things are happening with sports in our area this year. Teams that haven't ever placed are winning district competitions and matches. Teams that haven't had a winning record in a lot of years are ranked top 10 in the area. Its good for those teams.... I am happy for them, it's just weird. It also leaves things WIDE open, which makes me, Psycho Cheer Mom, wondering if the stars will be aligned correctly tonight.

I wish all of the teams Good Luck,
but most of all...
I wish my not-so-little girl the BEST OF LUCK!!!
Love you CG!!! Kick A$$!


The Incredible Woody said...

Good luck tonight!! Hope her shoulder is completely healed:)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I hope she does well and of course her teammates as well. Oh, don't you just hate these 'lasts'??? said...

Dear Psycho Cheer Mom,
Do not fret. I have the inside scoop with an astrologer and she said that the stars are smiling at you and CG! She will be awesome!