Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where does the time go?

This week is proving to be just as crazy as last week. Is that possible? I'm beginning to get a little scared- 2 weeks of crazy starts a trend - uh oh- could be trouble ;-)

To fill you in on the weekend....

Dinner with BHE and Cool Breeze. Too. Much. Fun! We had a blast. The rain didn't let up like we had hoped, but they brought their EZ-UP tent and with good drinks, it didn't seem to phase any of us. The Salseman cooked up some kick a$$ oysters and scallops on the grill and Cool Breeze some amazing steaks - the food was delicious and none of us noticed how fast the time flew by. I don't have any pictures... shame on me, but that's probably best - haha

Cheerleader Girl's competition - I don't recommend doing competitions after a night with really good drinks flowing. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't dying or anything, but competitions are loud and long and can wipe. you. out! They did amazing, so it all worked out in the end.

Monday got here really quick and proved to be as crazy as last week. I haven't been able to blog at all, and that is just depressing! Especially since I have so much to tell everyone about some crazy things that have happened over the last week. The good thing about today being Wednesday already is that 2 more days makes it Friday.... and that is just AMAZING!!

Hope everyone else is leading a wonderfully blissful life!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Time stops for no one.
I keep thinking it will slow down at some point...but nooooo...it just keeps on moving. take care, suz

My Metabolic Rate is Stuck said...

Those Steaks and Scallops are making my mouth water NOW! Sounds YUMMY!
Sounds like you had a GREAT weekend! :)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Oysters and scallops~now I want some! Where does the time go?? Let me know if you find out!

Caution Flag said...

Time is flying and that angers me some. But your dinner with BHE? Sounds like it was perfect. Now what's this? Your word verification is blxvhuju. Doesn't that seem a little long (thus taking more of my quickly passing time?)

Margorie said...

Oh man! Your weekend sounds just as busy as mine was.
But at least it was fun! I hope next weekend is, too. ;-)