Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fabulous Drinks, Amazing Food and Awesome Friends

So I've been sick all week... it sucks! I'm over dealing with it, whatever, I'm movin' on! ugh
But I have been dying to share my evening out with BHE, Cool Breeze, and our good frineds Beach Chick and her hubby Napoleon. (I've named him this because of a certain picture from face in the hole that his daughter made of him. He would appreciate the nickname). There was supposed to be 8 of us, but Wild Child and hubby Sargeant couldn't make it :(

Because our schedules are always busy and we are always working around the schedules of our children, we decided last year that we would make every effort to celebrate all of our birthdays with in a month or so of the actual date. We usually end up combining a couple, or three, into one dinner, but none of us seems to mind sharing in the celebration. Friday night it was out to celebrate Cool Breeze, the Salesman and Napoleon's big day!
All week we had been debating on where to go, and and a girl I work with suggested a place called 3 Monkeys located in our historic Fan District. The menu looked amazing with everything from burgers to pizza to seafood.... The atmosphere looked appealing- a bar and grill with a "fan flare" (that actually means that after 10pm, its more a bar than a grill, with most people from the age of 19 with a fake id to 25ish). And the drinks sounded even better. I mean how could you pass up something called Hear no Evil? I. Could. Not. Wait.!!!!!
So it's off to the Fan to meet up with Beach Chick and Napoleon.... The Salesman is driving with Cool Breeze in the front, and BHE and myself in the back... the GPS leading the way. Which is all fine an dandy except that the volume on the GPS is turned DOWN and the Salesman is paying NO ATTENTION to where we are supposed to be going. Now, the Fan, like any other historic district has off street parking. What does that mean? Yep, you probably have to drive around the block several times to find a parking spot, or park a block or 2 away. Again all fine and dandy if your driver is PAYING ATTENTION to the number of blocks away you are from where you are acutally going! By the way, have I mentioned I am an AMAZING back seat driver? yep just ask the Salesman (or BHE or Cool Breeze) After I realized we were driving around in a circle FOUR blocks from the restaurant, I finally got him to drop BHE and myself off at the door. It all worked out since we had to wait for a table anyway, but still- hmph!

So we arrive at our destination, (go figure Napoleon finds a spot RIGHT out front.) and its drinks all around- It's small, it's loud, it's crowded- It's perfect! After a short wait, we are seated at a great table. Another round of drinks .. this was mine :)
and yes those are monkeys hanging from my drink glass... how cute right? They are even cuter hanging from the Salesman ;)

Then came the amazing food- It was appetizers first... calamari, which was some of the BEST I have ever had, seared tuna- not a big fan but BHE inhaled it, so I'm guessing it was good, and lamb chops! For my entree I had the Macadamia nut encrusted Mahi with a Mango sauce, mashed potatos and vegetables. IT. WAS. AMAZING!!!! I don't have a picture, it didn't last very long... sorry :( I guess I will just have to go back so I can share my delicious meals with all of you....

The drinks were fabulous, the food amazing and the company could not have been any better.

BHE and Cool Breeze

Beach Chick and Napoleon

The Gang!!

It was a night to remember..... the freak show AFTER 3Monkeys was welll.... a post all in it's own.... to be continued.......................................

Next time, we will bring you all along to enjoy in our celebration!! Are you ready?


The Incredible Woody said...

I am more ready than you know!!!!

The Incredible Woody said...

I am also an excellent backseat driver. It's one of my superpowers!!

Grandma J said...

Count me in.

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

I am salivating over your drink..looks YUMMY. Looks like you had a great time. Count me in for the next round:)

Busy Bee Suz said...

oh, so you can navigate a car from the back seat too?? I thought I was the ONLY one. ;)
Your dinner is just the ONE if would have ordered too...all my faves. Love the monkey drink...and the monkey glasses. Very cute.
Great pictures..thanks for sharing.
Hope you are feeling better!!!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I'm ready...scared but ready!
Sounds like a wonderful time!

Have a great weekend and get over those cooties!

Big Hair Envy said...

Best. Dinner. Ever.

Looks like next time it will be Mom x 2, Party of 20!!!