Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Easy Eight

My mom called me this morning and told me I have to go see Mama Mia and that it would be a great movie for the “Easy Eight.” I thought that was such a cute nickname for this group of friends I have, there are 3 of them, all of whom have daughters the same age as mine, and I thought it would be a good time to introduce them to my fellow bloggers. Actually, if it wasn’t for our daughters, I may not have ever met them. Moms + Daughters = “Easy Eight.” It’s kind of like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants………

We met when Cheerleader Girl was in the 3rd grade (she is starting her 11th grade year in September, where does the time go?). All 4 girls cheered for the local recreational football team and became fast friends. Their moms and I became fast friends as well. There’s
Big Hair Envy and her daughter Snow White, my beach buddies. Snow White is the actress/singer of the group- The one who we will all be sitting in the audience on Broadway cheering on because she has landed her biggest role yet. There’s Wild Child and her daughter Barbie. Yes, she’s very much like a Barbie and we love her that way. Barbie has spent many a night at our house. There’s Beach Chick and her daughter Rocker Girl. Rocker Girl is the one who will be seen on the big stage with guitar in hand rockin’ it out to our favorite songs. Then there’s mine, Cheerleader girl. She’s not the stereotypical “cheerleader” just outgoing and fun. As you can see from their descriptions, they are all very different people, and in the beginning they were inseparable. Now, they have different interests, some of the same, but mostly different groups of friends, but in the end- they are still the Sisterhood. No matter what, they are always there for each other.

What I like most, is all of us moms have stayed friends through everything our girls have been through- both good and bad. We try our very best to get together often, although not often enough. As you can imagine, with teenagers and very busy schedules, it is difficult. Superbowl is always at our house and emails are always in order! We started a new thing this year where we are trying to get together for dinner to celebrate each of our birthdays, although many are celebrated together, but it has actually worked. Those dinners are KID FREEEEEEEE! Of course we have to plan them weeks, or even months in advance, but that’s okay. At least we are making it happen.

It’s good to be a part of the “Easy Eight.”

ps. maybe one day, I will get a chance to upload some pics on this thing.


Big Hair Envy said...

Where have you been? I haven't even heard about your return trip to the beach. Although, I am SO jealous that you got to see King Neptune his Speedo!

Beach Chick came by the office yesterday for a few minutes. She looked fantastic. As usual! Haven't talked to Wild Child.

I am up for "Mama Mia". Still haven't come up with a date for the next gathering. Labor Day weekend...maybe?

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

Ahhh, a grown up girls night out!!! I haven't had one since, I cannot remember when. My girls nights consist of myself and at least Diva.
Too busy with school and family, when I get alone time I usually screw it up by asking her to do something because she says I am always too busy:(