Thursday, July 9, 2009

This-N-That Thursday

  • My birthday is Sunday. I'm turning 40 - ugh, I know I shouldn't, but I feel old.
  • There has been a lot of secret keeping going on in my house lately. Birthday secrets maybe?
  • I have new furniture on my front porch and I love it. I love to sit out there in the evenings when it finally cools down. No one else in my house seems to have the same appreciation for it, but they humor me anyway.
  • I have decided my favorite ice cream is Bruster's Key Lime Pie. I'm pretty sure there are no calories in it, and if you out there in bloggy world know differently- DON'T TELL ME! What I don't know won't hurt me will it?
  • I have taken almost every Friday in July off. I wonder how long it will be before people notice I am on a 4 day work week.
  • Blogfest is in one week. I am pretty excited to meet everyone and it should be alot of fun. I can't wait to read all of the post Blogfest posts.
  • BHE's birthday was yesterday. We are going to have BLAST celebrating our birthdays together this weekend ;)
  • I wonder if there will be Karoke? Did you know Karoke means "empty orchestra" in Japenese?
  • Mexico and Iceland have the highest consumption per capita of Coca Cola. I prefer Pepsi and I know that's not a Southern thing, but I don't care, I just like it better.

Have a great Thursday everyone!


The Incredible Woody said...

Happy Birthday and Don't worry - 40 is the new 30!!

I love front porches. It's a southern thing too!

If there is karaoke, we will be needing to see video!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Well Happy Early Birthday Chicka! Guess we can have a drink together on Saturday if I can find you!
I love sitting on my front porch too only I dont have new furniture. The stories that porch could tell!
I'm excited about Blogfest too! How long are you going to be there?
Who says Pepsi is not a southern thing? I like Coca Cola better but Pepsi is OK.
Now all I have to say is....
I hope you live to be at least as old as me!

Grandma J said...

Happy Birthday!! I want new furniture for my porch too....and I am definitely a Pepsi girl.

Can't wait to meed you at blogfest.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Happy birthday!!! I hope you have a blowout celebration with friends and family.
I won't say a word about the ice cream.
So jealous of the blogfest...why does Florida have to be so far from VA???????

Living on the Spit said...

I love bruster's as well and pretend there are no calories in it either.

See you this weekend AND next weekend. I am sure we will have a blast.

Mental P Mama said...

Happy Birthday! And, you are a baby;)

Daryl said...

40? Pffit ...

Happy Birthday .. looking forward to toasting it and meeting you at Blogfest

big hair envy said...

I LOVED CELEBRATING OUR BIRTHDAYS TOGETHER!!!! Here's to many, many more....;) said...

Well, Happy Birthday! I agree with The Incredible Woody, 40 really is the new 30!
I wish I was going to the Blogfest! I don't dig on Coke too much either, I prefer Dr. Pepper.