Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Fragments

- Why does going on vacation always consist of 20 billion things to catch up on when I return?

- I wish I could win the lottery, so I could vacation all the time and not have to worry about the 20 million things I have to catch up on.

- I really LOVE spring time.... but DON'T like the rain :(

- I have this random bird that keeps landing on the window sill of my 3rd floor office. He likes to sing to me. I wish I could talk back to him with out worring about my co-workers trying to commit me to a padded room somewhere. He could be my new work BFF.

- Bud goes for lifeguard training this weekend. There is something about having your 15 year old son training to save the lives of other people, when you can't even get himto remember to brush his teeth on his own. Is that a boy thing? or just my boy's thing?

- Kenny Chesney tickets go on sale tomorrow! I. Can. Not. Wait.

- I absolutely hate computer viruses. There must be a lot of really, sick, twisted, bored people out there that have nothing better to do then to make me some poor soul spend hours trying to fix something stupid and be completely unsuccessful in fixing it.

- I think I will have oysters and grey goose tonight! Sounds good doesn't it? Wanna join me?

- I am trying to figure out a good weekend for BHE and SW to go on another AMAZING beach trip again this year.... I just haven't told them that yet ;)

I know I promised to share my beach vacation with you all, but my laptop at home has a @#$%^& virus, and I can't do a freaking thing, and blogging at work, well..... I've been so busy trying to catch up from vacation, I barely have time to think. I will, eventually, get around to catching up. I hope you will forgive me ??

Happy Friday to everyone!


Busy Bee Suz said...

If you send telepathic messages to the little one else will know. I agree w/ the vacation much work afterwards that is one reason why I am not vacationing this year. Also we can't afford it and don't have time...but really I jsut don't want to have 20 million things to catch up on. :0
I made myself laugh now.
Ok, the truth is we are going to vacation. In SOUTH DAKOTA. FOR a SOFTBALL tournament. Can you say EXCITING??? What is in S.D? NUTTIN!!!
have a great weekend...p.s I am down with the grey goose...but not the oysters. ;(

The Incredible Woody said...

Can I join you for the Grey Goose and skip the oysters?? I have this thing - I cannot eat things that live in water. Bad childhood experience at a seafood place in Boston!

Grandma J said...

No shell fish for me after an allergic reaction to scallops. How come BHE gets to go to the beach? No fair.
Ok, I'm a pouter...

Big Hair Envy said...

I can't get to the beach fast enough!!! No. Boys. Allowed. Poor Grandma J, we'll have to invite her next time...wouldn't want her feelings to be hurt.

Enjoy your goose & oysters....we'll catch you next week:)

YAY for the sunshine & warm temps!!!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Well fine! Go to the beach without me. I like oysters too!
Damn virus. Sorry =(

And just so you's a boy thing. I have one too!

Mental P Mama said...

Make it Ketel One and I'm there. Oh, and it is a boy thing. Believe me. said...

Awwwww, the bird is wanting to be your friend! I love that! Can you sneak some crumbs out on the sill to it?
I would kill to get to spend time with BHE and SW! Actually, I'd rather spend it with the three of you and have those oysters and Grey Goose!
Have fun!

Keeper Of All Things said...

I want to see lots and lots of pictures from the Kenny concert.....that man knows how to put on a show!!!
Do you have a cowboy hat or do you need to borrow mine??
Oh and remember tailgating in the parking lot is a MUST!!!