Monday, June 8, 2009

Repurposing rooms

This past weekend, the Salesman and I decided that it was time to repurpose a couple rooms in our house. We have a 3 story house, with the 3rd floor being the room that the kids can go and hang out with their friends, it's where we pretended to exercise worked out, where we used to have 2 computers (with laptops, there was no need for a space for computers) and where all of the school supplies, games, etc were stored. In other words, a big junk room.

Then there is the second junk room spare bedroom. No one visits, so it has become a drop off room. The room where everything everyone is to lazy to take to the big junk room 3rd floor.

So we decided this weekend to repurpose those two rooms. The Salesman says he had the idea 2 years ago and I shot it down, I disagree. Anyway, we decided to start Friday night by cleaning out the spare bedroom and moving everything out so we would have somewhere to put the weight machine. Did I mention the weight machine has 200 pounds of weight and who knows how many cables and pulleys? Well, it does, and it was a pain in the a$$ to put it together when we bought it, why we thought it would be a simple task to take it apart and then put it BACK together is beyond me. So with the spare bedroom cleaned out, we started labeling cables and pulleys and more cables and more pulleys. I thought we would never finish. Then it was time to take it apart and haul it downstairs (thank goodness it was down not up). Then it was time to put it back together. Okay, you would think that after the time we spent labeling pulleys and cables, putting it together would be a breeze right? WRONG! It took FOREVER! Finally after 2 days we finished everything- including cleaning out the trash pile crazy corner on the 3rd floor. Talk about a job, but what a transformation!

It is amazing to me how a major overhaul little cleaning and moving of furniture can completely change an entire living space.

Below are the pictures of the before(left) and after (right).

Now I just have to find the energy to actually exercise!


Mental P Mama said...

Will you please come do this for me?

Busy Bee Suz said...

Kuddos to you both. That was quite the task...but now it is done. Maybe next weekend you will be ready to exercise?? :)

Unknown said...

Looks like you still have a space for guests! pencil me in! said...

Good grief! I am so impressed! I watch HGTV a lot and they are always doing stuff like that on that channel. And your outcome looks just as amazing as anything that they do!
Now, when can I come visit and stay in that guest room? I'll bring the wine! ;-)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Well I am impressed! Pencil me in after Grandma J.